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What's the Best About Our Team?

We have fun while learning things most people will never know.  You realize that you made it from a pile of parts and metal. You know every part and why it all works.  It makes you  feel like you can do anything.  Now hook up the battery and  turn on the main power circuit and  look out. You know something crazy is about to happen.  The action is fast and always changing. "Go here, get that...Shoot it"...   But wait, I got to say the friends are the best part of this team. We work hard together with one goal to learn and make a difference in everything we do. We help each other and make sure we have fun doing it. We look for areas that we can improve and look for anyone we can help along the way, because that is what truly makes you smart. Knowing deep inside you are powerful and have what is needed to make others feel the same. If they feel and do the same for someone else because they learned it from you. You have made a difference that will change more people than you will every know. 

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